Was This The Reason?

It's a Tuesday afternoon and I am here, in my new office at my new job enjoying a cup of hot green tea. I've been here for about 8 months now and I really enjoy every bit of it so far. No more stress from working in a hostile environment and better yet, not having … Continue reading Was This The Reason?


Can Dreams Mean Anything?

Last night, I had dreamt the synthesized score in the film Ex Machina, where creator Nathan (Oscar Isaac) was stabbed by one of his humanoid robots in the back with a kitchen knife while dragging his other humanoid robot named Ava (Alicia Vikander) after breaking one of her arms off. The dream consisted of a … Continue reading Can Dreams Mean Anything?

When the Time is Right, It’s Best to Move On

Have you ever experienced a point in your life where you felt stuck and you weren't sure what to do? Thoughts run in and out of your mind, continuously throughout the day, you're not sure what decision would be best to make. I was sort of dealing with that situation a bit a few days … Continue reading When the Time is Right, It’s Best to Move On

The Father I Once Was

Is there a difference to someone being considered a baby-sitter or "stepfather" to a child they have no relation too? Only that the child knows your name and your existence in their life. That you were there for them when their biological parent was not. So frankly, they know you quite well. See about a … Continue reading The Father I Once Was

The Desire to Have Children

Not long ago I came to the conclusion that one day, I will end up desiring children of my own. Little ones running around showing off their physical appearance of adorableness thanks to my DNA. Although, I'm not that good looking. But enough to (hopefully) make my children appear cute and cuddly. Once that day … Continue reading The Desire to Have Children